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History of Temple City

tch-red-carBehind the story of the proud family bearing the name of Temple, lies the romance of missions and ranchos, the gallantry of the pioneering dons and beautiful seƱoritas, and the history of the San Gabriel Valley including the derivation of many of the street names in Temple City.

William Workman was an Englishman by birth. In 1823, he met John Rowland at Taos, New Mexico, and accepted him as a partner. Both Workman and Rowland married Spanish women. During the revolution in Texas, they were forced to flee with their families in fear of their lives.

They had heard of a fair land in the west and traveled to see it. They followed the old Chihuahua trail through Silver City, Yuma, and Palm Springs, west of the area now known as the Salton Sea to Indio and through the Cajon Pass. The journey covered 1,200 miles. The party that arrived in California consisted of 40 persons, including riders at the head, scouts, and roustabouts with pack animals, herds of cattle, and covered wagons. 

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''Temple City Hardware', owned by the Sears Family was the first business to open on March 3rd, 1924
Their business neighbors, 'Temple Pharmacy' opened 5 days later on March 8th, 1924


This is the NorthWest corner of Main St. (Las Tunas Drive) & Sunset Ave. (Temple City Blvd.)
The Sherman Williams Company
 Sold FEED for Chickens and other Livestock.
First Mail Delivery by the 'Big Red Car'.
R. Thornton Smith, first postmaster receiving mail bag, 
Motorman was Mr. Zavis, conductor handing mail to Mr. Smith was Iva Cammak.




Intersection at Main Street (Las Tunas Drive) and Sunset Ave. (Temple City Blvd.)